Foundations of Learning Sprints Video Course

A practical process for improving student achievement and learning progress in your school

Welcome to the future of collaboration, embedded professional learning and development.

This video course is designed to help you understand and apply the key methodologies of Learning Sprints.

Build confidence in applying the process to enable educator teams to rapidly improve outcomes, and develop effective practice.

Learning Sprint Method

If schools are to lift the learning outcomes of diverse students we must invest in developing the individual and collective expertise of your teachers. Learning Sprints provides a simple, effective and field-tested approach to supporting your teachers to continually enhance their practice.

Learning Sprints is an organisational routine that can support the adoption of evidence-informed practices and develop the collective efficacy of teacher teams. The approach is aligned with the existing research evidence into the features of effective teacher professional learning and the science of behaviour change. It has been designed to be simple, relevant and manageable for already overloaded teachers and their leaders.

Benefits Learning Sprints include:
- Support every educator to continually enhance their professional practices
- Develop high-trust teacher teams that take collective action and help each other improve
- Embed the use of research-informed practice and evaluate impact through formative assessment
- Accelerate momentum through engaging in short, focused cycles of impactful work
- Gain more impact from the collaboration time you already have available

- Support educators to collectively plan, act and evaluate their impact

Your Instructor

Simon Breakspear
Simon Breakspear

Dr Simon Breakspear is known internationally for helping educational leaders navigate complex change, harness research evidence and drive continuous improvement for better learning.

Simon is the Founder and Executive Director of Agile Schools, which equips educator teams with the research, routines and tools they need to drive improvement and innovation. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales and Research Fellow of the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change at The Education University of Hong Kong.

Simon holds Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Teaching, a Masters of International and Comparative Education from the University of Oxford and a PhD in education from the University of Cambridge. Simon began his work in education as a high school teacher in Sydney.

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